14 august Whatsapp status happy independence day

14 august Whatsapp status happy independence day

14 august Whatsapp status happy independence day On this event, the independence day wishes are critical among the people. On this day of independence, every one of the Pakistanis sends wishes to their precious ones in the recognition of all the incredible people who have added to making Pakistan an independent nation.

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Happy Independence Day 14 August 2020 Wishes

This desire is to pass on capacity to all Pakistanis to brighten up and observe Independence Day. 
happy Independence Day to every one of the Pakistani siblings and sisters. 
I am sending seas of affection to every one of the Pakistani upon the arrival of the Independence. 
This desire is to welcome aware salute to all the incredible men who made out Pakistan free. 
Let us praise this Independence Day to every one of the Pakistani chiefs to gave their lives to make our nation free. 
Sending seas of good wishes to every one of my Pakistani companions on Happy Independence Day. 
Leave this Independence Day alone the most extraordinary one to all Pakistanis and let every one of us require a push to do as such. 
Before 1947 August 14, 2020 , the world never know the importance of opportunity, its Pakistan who showed the world the genuine significance of opportunity, Be pleased to be Pakistani, Happy Independence Day 2020.

Happy Independence Day 14 August 2020 Quotes 

Today we meet up, Be the reason for the solidarity, Make it Lovely day another..Fight against corruption, Spurl the flag of On Country 
How about we love the extraordinary saints who cause us to appreciate opportunity by giving up their lives. happy 14 August 2020 
7 union territories.1618 languages.6400 castes.6 religion.6 ethnic groups.29 major festivals.1 nation! Be pleased to be a Pakistani! Happy 14 August 2020. 
L0ve got a rocket in my pocket; I can't stop 2 play. Away it goes!I0ve consumed my toes. It's Independence Day 20120
Some Like Sunday, Some like Monday, Yet I like One DayAnd that is Independence Day 2020

14 August 1947 Pakistan Independence Day in urdu Quotes Jashne Azadi Mubarak wishes

Utha Kr Talwar Jb Ghory Par Sawar HotyBaandh K Saafa Jb Tayar HotyDekhti Hai Dunya Chhat Par Char kKehty Hai Ki Kaash Hum B Aisy Hoshiyar Hoty
Aazadi Ki Kabi Sham Aazadi Ki Kabi Sham Nhi Hony Dain gay, Sahedon Ki Kurbani Badnam Nhi Hony Dain gay, Bachi Ho Jo 1 Bond B Garam Lahu Ki?. Tb Tk PAKISTAN Ka Aanchal Nilam Nhi Hony Dain gy.
Duniya main tum jahan b raho ya kehna sy tum na daro Mera watan meri jaan I Love mera Pakistan “Happy Independence Day 2020”
Ya Nafrat Buri Ha, Na Palo Isay Dilo Main Khalish Hai ,Nikalo Isay Na Tera ,Na Mera ,Na Iska , Na Us ka Ya Sb Ka Watan Hai,Bacha Lo Isay
Wataan humra misaal muhbat ki, Torta hai deewaar nafrt ki, Meri Khush nasebe, Mili zindagi is chamaan ma Bhula na Saky koi is ki khushbo saaton janaam ma. Happy 14 August 2020 ! Happy Independence Day 2020!
Un K HathoN Main Kangan Thay BuhAt ZaBardAst. . Boly To. . AdvAncE main TuM SB Ko MuBaRaK Ho “14 AugusT” HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 2020

14 august Whatsapp status Urdu

آزادی روح کی آکسیجن ہے۔
  آزادی ممالک کے لئے زندگی کی سانس ہے۔
یہ درخت ، یہ پتے ، یہ شاخیں بھی پریشان ہوجاتی ہیں ، اگر پرندے بھی ہندو اور مسلمان ہوجائیں۔ یوم آزادی مبارک !!
آج ان کے لئے سلام ہے ، جس کی وجہ سے یہ دن آتا ہے ، یہ اس ماں کے لئے باعث برکت ہے جس کے بچوں کی قربانی اس ملک کے لئے کارآمد ہے۔ یوم آزادی مبارک !!