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Punjabi whatsapp status sad love attitude

Punjabi whatsapp status sad love attitude

Punjabi whatsapp status sad love attitude

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whatsapp status sad love attitude

Love me for a second and I'll cherish you until the end of time.
I trust you generally discover motivation to smile.
What is a Closest friend?? A solitary soul in two bodies.
Under the steady gaze of you judge me ensure that you're great.. ??
It's smarter to live alone. There is no friendship with an fool.
In the event that you need to cry, utilize a tissue!! not your status… !!
People with status needn't bother with status!!
I love you in any event, when I abhor you.
Love overcomes everything let us also give up to cherish.
You left me? Fine! Be that as it may, don't adore another person before me.
Love resembles an Air ..We can't see it yet! we can feel it..
Love is what ,can't see the poverty…
For what reason am I so hesitant to lose u when I know you're not by any means mine?
Love Throughout everyday life ,Make the existence delightful..
"Love is What can not see the Strict, Standing, Rich, life.
Never trust your heart since it's on the correct side.
Your charming grin is all I have to fight all battles throughout my life.
Love is the main thing that control each and every feeling you have.
Love never fizzles and when it bombs throughout everyday life, at that point its not love!
get well soon sweetheart

Get well soon sweetheart

Wherever has been truly exhausting without you, can you simply show signs of improvement already and come make my days. Please get better for me. Miss you
My love, I'm sending all of you my love and care, trusting they'll cause you to recover soon. Please get better for me my love
I realize injection hurts and pills are harsh, on the off chance that you don't need any of that once more. Simply Improve soon for me child. Get well before long love.
You can beat the hell even the most hazardous sickness on this planet. Furthermore, it's only an seasonal fever. Get well dear
I won't let you begin to look all starry eyed at the clinic bed. I'm as of now desirous. I need you to cut your ties with that bed and return into my arms

get well soon status for love 

Since I found out about you being unwell, my heart is feeling unwell.
I love you my dear legend. Feel better and be lovely as consistently child!
It would be ideal if you let me know whether I can help you in any capacity.
I can't accept my HOT sweetheart has a Virus. Get Hot Soon 🙂
I need to continue kissing you until you feel much improved. Hit me up.
All my all the best are with you. Feel Well Soon
I feel like a versatile without organize when you are away.
I feel so awful for you my love. I am appealing to God for a brisk recuperation.
Trusting that you feel better soon
My heartfelt wishes for you. I am sending entire my love in a message.

Hurting Love Status 

You're Frightened Of Being Hurt
I'M Generally The Person Who Loves More. That is My Concern.
It May Sting To Give up, Yet In some cases It Damages More To Hang On
I love crying in the rain. since when I do, nobody can hear the torment.
The most excruciating memory is that.. at the point when I left you..!!
On the off chance that U R going to make me cry, in any event be there to wipe away the tears
We can do no incredible things, yet just little things with extraordinary love.
At the point when U Sit Alone … You Sit With Your Past

cute love romantic status in punjabi 

Pi'yr💑 wō ❌jō 👉# dunī'ā wēkhaṇa jā'u, pi'āra wōh hai 👉# dila tō nirabhai👫 jā!
Pi'yar❤️️ kujha👉 💰pasā_śakala dēkhō nahī hudē, 🤗 basa# dila 💑 dēkhadē ā!!
Jadō uha# rōnē😭 tōṁ prahēja vī ārōnā😓 ā'i vō# pi'āra❤️️ hana!! Sacā pi'āra👫 jō miladē ā# kasamāṁ badaladī'āṁ jātāṁ!!
Pi'yr❤️️ kī hai..? 🤔 Jadō# yārī tērī līkalīpha tōṁ# darada 🤕hō.. wō pi'āra😍 hō!!
Mōhabakōṭa dā vī vakharā hī# dasatāvēza hai, sārī bhara vica rutāṁ# zidagī bharī'āṁ la'ī!!

sad status in love in hindi 

lagata tha #zindagi ko badalany main time lagy ga, pr kya pata tha badalata hua #waqt #zindagi badal dy ga..
apni #zindagi sy hum ny kabhi #udhar na liya, kafan b lain gay to ham apni #zindagi dy kr.
#life mein agar shan sy jeena h, to thoda #attitude aur #stylai to dikhana padata hai.
Kisi sy #zindagi bhar rehny ki #bhik mt mango.... Ji sy rhna ho ga wo hr haal me ... Ap ki #zindagi me rahy ga..
roz #status badalany sy #life nhi badalati, #life ko badalany k lie ak #status kaaphee hai..
zindage mein badee siddat sy nibhao apna kiradaar, ke parda gira ny k baad b taaliya bajati rahe..!

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