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New faadu Attitude status in english and hindi

New faadu Attitude status in english

Welcome to my new post,New faadu Attitude status in english and hindi you will not find such a collection anywhere today. I am sharing my fadu status ,2 line badmashi status,fadu love status,new fadu status . This is my Special Collection only for you. Can share Girlfriend and Boyfriend and share it on your social media profile. You can make this collection.

 Fadu Attitude Status In Hindi for whatsapp 

main kaanha tha kaanha hoon aur kaanha hee rahoonga, phainsala tujhe karana hai kee tujhe gopee banana hai meera ya raadha !!
dil naram hai aur dimaag garam hai, baakee sab uparavaale ka karam hai !!
pagalee mere sitee mein nahin chalega tera draama, yahaan ham itane phemas hai jitana amareeka mein obaama !!
kuchh ‪isalie‬ bhee ‪log‬ akasar ‎khapha‬ rahate hai ‪mujhase‬, ‪kyonki ‎mere‬ lab vahee ‪kahate‬ hai jo mere ‪‎dil‬ mein hota hai !!
hamaaree‬ to ‪tasaveer dekhakar‬ hee ‪log use ‪chum‬ lete hai, agar ‎saamane‬ aa gaye to ‪‎pata nahin kaya kar ‪‎bethe !!
sir pahe wakt hee gujaarana ho to kisee aur ko aajama lena, ham to chaahat aur dostee donon ibaadat kee tarah karate hai !!
jab meree vajah se kiseeka dil toot jaata hai na, to kuchh der baad usase jyaada bura mujhe hee lagata hai !!

New faadu Attitude status in english 

When someone breaks my heart no, So after a while I feel worse than that !!
Just to pass the time, try someone else, We both love and friendship like worship !!
People kiss us only after seeing our picture, If you come in front, don't know what to do !!
Some people are often angry with me, Because my lips say what is in my heart !!
Pagli will not play your drama in my city, Here we are as famous as Obama in America !!
The heart is soft and the mind is warm, The rest is the work of the above !!

Whatsapp Status Attitude Hindi 

zara siddat se chaaho tabhee hongee aarajoo pooree, ham vo nahin jo tumhe khairaat mein mil jae !!
It is not my nature to be angry with anyone, Angers are the ones who get angry at themselves !!
wo dushman banakar mujhe jitane nikale the, muhabbat kar lete to main khud hee haar jaata !!
barabaad to hamane apanee jindagee bhee kar dee, to too kya cheej hai meree jaan !!
wakt too kitana bhee sata le hamen lekin yaad rakh, kisee mod pe tujhe bhee badalane pe majaboor kar denge !!
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Whatsapp Status Attitude English

No matter how much time you torture us, remember At some point, you will also be forced to change.
We destroyed our life too, So what are you my love !!
As many people came out of me as enemies, Had I fallen in love, I would have lost myself !!
The enemy said that this enmity will cost you dearly, I said that I do not drink even cheap.
It is not my nature to be angry with anyone, Angers are the ones who get angry at themselves !!
If you want with hardness, then Arju will be complete, We are not what you get in a bailout !!
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attitude status in hindi 2 line

zindagee mein bahutt kasht‬ hai, phir bhee ham ‪mast‬ hai !!
kamiyaan to bahut hai mujhamen, par koee nikaal kar to dekhe !!
shauk to jindagee mein hathiyaar pakadane ka tha, magar pagalee phul pakadaakar lav yu bol gaee !!
kabhee gam ho hamen yaad karana, dard giravee rakhate hai aur khushee udhaar dete hai !!
kuchh to baat hai tujhame jo ham sirph tere baare mein sochate hai, varana ham to aise hai jo khud ke baare mein bhee socha nahin karate !!

attitude status in english 2 line

Not so rich to buy everything, Not too poor to sell yourself !!
I don't like adulteration in love, If it is mine, then the dream is also mine only !!
Pagli did not show that much attitude, My phone battery is hotter than you too !!
Listen Pagli, we write status with hobbies, But people mourn the truth !!