Study In Australia visa Visitor / Tourist Visa Requirements Fee

By | February 8, 2021

Study In Australia visa

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Study In Australia visa

Study In Australia visa

If you are a student of Pakistan and you want to go and study in Australia then you need an Australian visa. This visa is for people who want to study adventure in any city of Australia Australia visa you do not get an Australia visa Gathers all your information on whether you are able to come and study in Australia.
If you want to get a student visa as soon as possible to go to Australia to study, you must enroll in your favorite university, but you must submit all your visa papers one month before enrolling in your favorite university. Apply for an Australia visa visitor.

Above you are given a link to the government website where you will find the limited information. If you want to stay in Australia even after completing your education, you have to go back and apply for a different visa. This is a student visa that you will have to keep until you have a full degree.

Australia Visa Types

  1. Visitor Visa
  2. Temporary Activity Work Visa
  3. Resident Return
  4. Student Visa
  5. Business Visa
  6. Bringing your family or partner
  7. Citizenship by Descent
  8. Medical Treatment Visa
  9. Transit Visa

What documents will I need to get for my student visa?

Pakistani students won’t have to prove they speak English well enough to study in an international university in Australia. These language skills ensure that you can succeed in your classes and manage your way around Australia.
Pakistani students will need to take a medical test before arriving in Australia.
Pakistani students won’t need to set up a Restricted Bank Account. This type of bank account restricts the amount of money you can withdraw every month, and only allows you to access it when you arrive in Australia.
Look at the Australian immigration website for more detailed visa information.

visit Australia visa

Visitor / Tourist Visa:
Please read the visa requirements for all visa types.
  • Copy of return air ticket.
  • Your Itinerary
  • If the Visa Officer will be satisfied with the purpose of the visit, then an appropriate visa will be issued to a visitor or a tourist holding an Australian Passport.
Australian Nationals
  1. Visitor Visa Fee:
  2. Single Entry A$ 85.00
  3. Multiple Entry A$ 125.00(1 year only)
  4. Transit Visa A$45.00
  5. Pakistani Dual Nationals
  6. Copy of any Pakistani Passport/ CNIC/NICOP must be provided.
  7. Single Entry A$ 85.00
  8. Double or Multiple Entry A$ 125.00
  9. Transit Visa A$ 45.00

British Nationals

  1. Single Entry A$ 85.00
  2. Multiple Entry A$ 125.00 (1 year)
  3. For the National of Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu
  4. Single Entry A$ 30.00
  5. Double or Multiple Entry A$ 45.00
Indian Nationals
Single Entry A$ 5.00
Additional documents for Business Visa:
Attached with the visa application:
  • Letter of invitation attested by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan or any other recognized body.
  • A letter from your Company on its letterhead, attested by the Chambers of Commerce or Trade Agency of Australia.
  • Business Visa applicants may please provide the original recommendation letter of the Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan and the original recommendation letter of the Consul General from the Consulate General of Pakistan, Sydney.

Business visa fee:

Australian Nationals
  1. Single Entry (Business) A$ 140.00
  2. Multiple Entry (Business) A$ 210.00(1 year)
  3. British Nationals
  4. Single Entry(Business) A$ 140.00
  5. Multiple Entry(Business) A$ 210.00 (1 year)

How to Apply for an Australian visa from Pakistan

Australia Visa  Application Process
Step 1 :
Select a visa subclass that is appropriate for the purpose of your travel to Australia and download the relevant visa application form.
Step 2 :
Your visa application may require supporting documentation. For a list of supporting documentation required for your visa, see checklists provided under Visa Types. Gather the required supporting documentation for your application.
To avoid delays all supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of application.
Step 3 :
Organize payment of the visa fees in the form of a bank draft.  Service charges will be payable in cash in PKR at AVAC.
Step 4 :
The prior online appointment for application submission is a mandatory requirement. Schedule an Appointment to visit the AVAC and lodge your application and submit your biometrics.
Step 5 :
Lodge your visa application and submit your biometrics at the AVAC. The Australian visa office may contact you to request additional information.

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