Insaf Imdad Punjab Gov Program form and App Download

By | March 31, 2020

Insaf Imdad Punjab Gov Program form and App Download

As you know, due to Corona, the country has been shut down and its workers cannot work and shops, etc. are all grievances which have to face a lot of problems. That people are not getting money for food and they cannot earn due to which it has launched a program called Insaf Imdad program.In this program, every worker will be given 4000 to every poor man, which will help him to ease his short life. For this, he has created a team that will help every poor man find out who is not hungry because he is hungry.

Insaf Imdad Punjab Gov Program form and App Download

If he is really poor or if he is poor then he will be given four thousand rupees. There are three ways to download or apply this balm in a way that you find easy, and you can get four thousand bucks for it.

Online Form Insaf Imdad Punjab Gov Program

The first way is to apply online to the website and you will find the online replay website by clicking on this link. insafimdad punjab gov pk

The reasons for the operation not being jammed are that the person should not own his own car and only need to have a motorcycle and rickshaw and his monthly ration should be Rs. 10000 or should cost Rs. I am taking it from the Nazir Income Tax Port or any other scheme only those will be given to those who are just laborers and the poor are entitled to them.  

Insaf Imdad Punjab Gov Program App and Apk

The Insaf Imdad application can easily be downloaded to the Play Store, otherwise you will find the link in the description that is below my web site. You can also participate in the formula by taking Download =>  Insaf Imdad Apk

Download this app and after downloading it you will like it and you will be registered in the program.

How to apply insaf imdad program in mobile Text

This method is for people who are not connected to the internet who can join this registration by just messaging with their mobile. It is very easy to do this heart I will tell you how I will look.
Going to your mobile inbox After typing in the inbox you have to write a support message, write your phone number ID card and your mobile number with the help message and send it to to see

imdad ( 3630272818491) number +923056688104 name Palwasha

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