Best Whatsapp Love Status

By | January 28, 2020

Best Whatsapp Love Status

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Best Whatsapp Love Status

Best Whatsapp Love Status

Love + Trust + Honesty = Life Long Relationship 🙂

Love is the only game never postponed due to darkness.

I love the way u make me smile ☺ even when nothing is funny ❤

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

I promise you to live in your heart and always call it home…

On the off chance that an embrace tells the amount I love you, I will hold you in my arms until the end of time.

f I had a flower  for each time I thought of you, I could stroll in my nursery until the end of time

In an ocean of people, my eyes will consistently be scanning for you 

for the sake of genuine romance, People ought to go far 

If you are not satisfied, it`s not real love.

You are one of those lovely things that happened to my life and made my life beneficial 🙂 

Sad love status

Feelings don’t walk away, people do 🙁

If I die tomorrow u will miss me

I still care, that ‘s the problem

I guess what they say is true. everything happens for a reason.

It`s not always the tears that measure the pain. Sometimes it`s the smile we fake.

I haven’t felt directly for a truly prolonged stretch of time. 

They don’t cherish me,they know me when they need me…

Before you make more guarantees, learn the meaning of forever

On the off chance that you leave without an explanation dont return with a reason.

Never trust those people who don’t comprehend your feelings

I love crying in the downpour. since when I do, nobody can hear the pain.

Love Attitude Status

My status is already high….

Itz very easy to defeat someone, but it’s very hard to win someone.

My style is like Amazon.. everyone says “Aur dikhao aur dikhao” ♡♡ 

Thing my heart to you is the only right decision I have made.

Every night that I spent with you becomes the best time of my life.

You resemble a rain that totally soaked me.

loving you resembles getting oxygen I can’t live without it. 

love you for what your identity is and for who you will be 

My love for you never expires; it just gets stronger day and night.

Our bond of love is so strong that it can break any walls that come between us.

Falling for you was unexpected decision, And I am proud of my decision.

Your smile is the most dangerous weapon that KILLS me.

True love status

When the heart takes over, the mind can’t do a thing!! ❤ ❤

I wont deny that I like you. Neither would I admit. 😛 

Love is the point at which the other people’s satisfaction is a higher priority than your own.

I’m beguiled by every moment I proceeded with you.

A few hearts see one another, even peacefully.

Each romantic tale is lovely, however our own is my top pick.

I should be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go 

I like it when you grin, However I LOVE it when I’m the explanation.

Genuine affection never gets old.

I love you in light of the fact that the whole universe schemed to assist me with discovering you.

The affection I’m feeling for you is more grounded than the miles between us.

True romance is knowing an people’s issues, and adoring them considerably more for them.

True affection is endless; the more you give, the more you have.

True love is knowing somebody’s shortcomings and not exploiting them.

True love never passes on, it just gets more grounded with time.

Love Status in Hindi 

Pagal….pyaar 😘ho gaya👉tum sy warana😊 dosti to _hamri b #nobita👦 aur #seejuka👧jasi 😍he the.

Keh doon gi Mohabbat Hoi thee par jis sy hoi the wo Mohabbat k qabil nhi tha…💔 💔

meri 👀ankhon_ ny chuna hai 👉tujh ko, duniya🌎_dekha kar kis ka❓❓chehara👱‍♀ ab main dekhoon, 👉tera chehara dekhakar..!.

tum he wajah meri khaaleepan ki.. aur.. tumhe goonjate ho mujh main hara dam !

bewajah hai ❤tabhee👉to #pyaar hai, #wajah hotee to👁 #_wyaapaar🏦 hota..!

tujhe☝ haq hai apanee👉#duniya🌏👈 mein #khush👏 rahane ka, #mera _kya..❓meree to #duniya hee 👉#tum ❤ho.

agar kuchh banana hai to gulaab ke phool bano, Kun k ye phool us k haath mein bhee khushabu chor dyta hai,

😋pyaara bhee hun, #famous😎 bhee hun, #attitudai bhee ✖naheen hai, phir bhee 😩#singlai hun.

pyar wo _nahee❌ jis ma👉#attitude 😒aur #aigo😏 ho, #pyar😍 _to wo hai #jis mai _ek “roothane” me #aixpairt 😘ho to #doosara manany mein 👉#pairfaicht❤ ho

mujhe pata hai ki main tumhaare bina kho gaya hoon

tere pyaar 💑 ka ye kitana khoobasoorat ehasaas 😍 hai door hokar bhee lagata hai too har pal mere aasapaas hai 💞

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